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How to find the best graduation outfits for a ceremony

If You’re the Grad: Choosing the perfect graduation dress can be tricky and it starts with making sure you match the cap and gown colors, length, and most importantly that you are comfortable.

Dress color: Most graduation gowns are made from a thin material, which means that the fabric color should match or be lighter than the gowns. If your school's traditional academic dress is white, then our classic white graduates robes would be perfect. If your school uses another color of graduation dress, then you'll be able to find a way to make the robe more original. Plus, it doesn't matter if there are any prints visible near the neckline because they can't be seen from behind. It can be hard getting a choice when it comes to choosing a graduation dress. For your sake, find out what color you'll need before you buy any kind of gown.

Dress length: One might argue that graduation dresses should be a little shorter than academic gowns. And it's not just to make room for your strut on the stage; These types of outfits are about you, at your most celebratory as you receive an honorary degree and diploma. No one wants to see what under your gown.

Comfort fabric: You will be wearing your dress for the duration of the day, and it will be covered most of the time. For this reason, make sure you opt for a comfortable style and an easily-moved fabric. Keep in mind that your grad dress should work with both your body type and that of the gown.

Graduation should be a joyous and celebratory occasion, so make sure you're dressed in the best graduation dress! RIHOAS has a great selection of grad dresses for the best grads, from casual to semi-formal. These dresses are perfect for the ceremony and feature a variety of styles, from little white graduation dresses to short gowns that are perfect for prom!