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Women’s skirts

Skirts are a type of garment that is worn on the lower half of the body, typically just below the hips. Don't have a skirt that fits your figure? All women who like to dress nicely and comfortably have a skirt in their closet, and often several. It has to be said that a high-waisted skirt, pleated skirt, ruffled skirt or midi skirt with a flowing slit can be worn with any style, with all tops and with all fashion accessories.

Skirt suits everybody

It couldn't be easier to choose the skirts that suits you among the many styles in the RIHOAS collection. You're athletic and your shoulders are wider than your hips, so a pleated skirt with ruffles is perfect for accentuating your figure. Your waist is a bit obvious, so choose a low waisted elastic skirt. At this time, a high waisted skirt is very suitable for women with large breasts. As you can see, no matter what your figure, maxi skirts are a source of glamour, bringing you essential elegance.

How style with a skirt

A patterned pleated dress looks very modern, a floral maxi skirt confirms this bohemian look, or a high-waisted white skirt paired with a black sweater gives you a very feminine look. No matter your current style or desire, maxi skirts are the perfect choice to easily layer with the rest of your wardrobe. RIHOAS offers a variety of styles, such as midi skirts, pleated skirts, ruffled skirts, etc. You can try all combinations to show your femininity and beauty in any occasion.