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T-shirts & Camis

A T-shirt (or tee shirt) and a cami (or camisole) are two basic fashion staples. A T-shirt is a casual, versatile style of clothing that can typically be worn with any kind of pants or shorts, while a cami is a sleeveless, tight-fitting top that is typically paired with high-waisted skirts, shorts, or trousers. The combination of a T-shirt and cami is incredibly versatile, as it can be dressed up for smarter occasions or dressed down for more casual occasions.

When it comes to wearing a T-shirt and cami, you can choose to keep the look dressed down or add a few extra pieces to create something a little more formal. For a casual look, you can pair a white T-shirt with a printed cami and some blue jeans or shorts. To elevate the look a bit, try pairing a printed T-shirt with a cami for a gorgeous two-piece.