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Velvet is the perfect material for retro and noble looks. They're worn by women who are experienced, elegant and charming. Velvet dress can dress up any outfit, showing femininity and beauty.

Velvet dresses are usually made from a heavy fabric that has a velvety texture. They can be made in any color but are most commonly seen in shades of red, black, and green velvet dresses.

Women's velvet dress outfits

Velvet party dresses are an elegant alternative to the timeless little black dress. By its very nature, velvet is rich and glamorous, but it's available in a wide range of styles! No matter the color, style or neckline you want to wear your perfect velvet dress in, we've got a variety of options for you to choose from. We sell both solids and pleated skirts depending on what kind of fashion statement you're looking for!

Velvet fabrics are often used to make retro or classic style items, which can not longer only show a mature charm but also be timeless and classy. The most important thing is that the single product of velvet fabric does it for every age group or figure, and every occasion.

How to style velvet dresses in seasons

Although velvet is usually linked with winter, you can wear it all year round if you find the right style. For warmer periods, try wearing lighter colors and pairing them with other fabrics like chiffon to offset the heaviness of the fabric. Look for sleeveless velvet dresses that offer relief from higher temperatures. They’re a fashionable option while attending bridal showers, brunch dates, and social gatherings. Always go for stretch velvet dresses that have spandex built in to provide a bit of stretch as you're moving around during the summer. When it comes to the time of year between Fall and Winter, long sleeve dresses can be a great option for you to wear. While these dresses will keep you warm, they are also perfect for your upcoming holiday parties and events.