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Whether you're shopping at the supermarket, going on vacation, or going to work, wearing a skirt is the perfect choice. All dresses can be purchased at RIHOAS.

Women's dresses - from casual wear, workwear to special occasions

In addition to convenience, the dress offers maximum comfort for all the activities you do. When fitted with the right accessories, you can easily turn a regular dress into something special.

Prints and fabrics change over time, while dresses are the middle-class pillar of the fashion sector. Each season showcases the latest collections, featuring dresses in a variety of cuts and colors.

Like a basic T-shirt, a dress is a must-have item in every woman's wardrobe. Depending on the style, they are a must-have for any occasion. For example, a white dress and a little black dress(LBD) are the safest options for an elegant dinner party. Black dress and white dress are usually simple pairings with pearls and a string of classic handbags for a touch of sophistication in an unnecessary situation.

Crushed flowers and maxi dress are very popular in spring and summer. Long, flowing, wavy fabrics and ruffles are of utmost importance when welcoming warm weather. After all, you can wear a lightweight dress to cool down on a hot afternoon. There are even robe dresses that you can wear while sipping a sunset drink during your tropical vacation.

For an elegant and sophisticated vibe, you can always rely on bodycon dress, a-line dress , wrap dress, backless dresses to accentuate your style and personality. Entering the room, an deep v neck dress catches the eye.

You can browse our range of bare shoulder dresses and backless dresses for elegant pretense or creating a weekend barbecue with the family. Enjoy the coolness in spring and summer with our casual mini dresses. Our dresses come in a variety of prints such as floral, paisley, and animal patterns for when you want to try out different styling.

Whether you want to show off your legs with a mini dress, keep it simple and elegant with a cocktail party dress, or attend a graduation ceremony with the perfect graduation dress, our range of dresses will meet your needs.