Corduroy skirt

Corduroy is a fabric that is widely loved for its warmth and versatility, but don't worry, there's absolutely no reason to limit it to your winter-only outfit. This trusty dress can be paired with a plethora of other staples to become your own must-have. There are many corduroy skirts, so there is something for everyone. Whether you want a skirts set for the workplace or a more preppy and youthful outfit, corduroy is an option you can always return to.

How to style with corduroy skirts

Corduroy is a durable and thick fabric that needs to be balanced by patterns, colors, and layers. From now on, you can enhance most of your appearance with the simplest additions. This list is specially designed with everyday clothing in mind so you don't need to look within reach. Corduroy skirts can be paired with shirts or thick jackets to create the best outfit that is both chic and functional, not to mention different types of skirts for all body types.