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Plaid dress

A plaid dress is a garment that has a pattern of small squares, or checks, usually in two colors. The term "plaid" is derived from the Gaelic word "breacan" which means "to fold". The plaid dress was originally worn by Scottish highlanders and became popular in the 18th century. It was worn as a symbol of national pride and to show support for the British monarchy. Woven from the finest wool in Scotland, our plaid dresses are timeless staples that can be worn for any occasion. Our unique collection of cuts and fits includes classic plaid shift dresses in a variety of sleeve lengths, figure-hugging fitted plaid dresses, understated crewneck plaid dresses and modern plaid shirt dresses. For the perfect fit, have your plaid skirt tailored to you in your choice of Scottish clan plaid or choose from our on-trend plaid collection in stock.

How to style plaid dress

A bold statement piece, the tartan dress is most commonly styled by allowing it to be the star of any ensemble, with accessories crafted around it. Depending on the color of the plaid you choose and how you accessorize it, you can easily transform a plaid dress into a beautiful overalls, a beautiful day dress or an evening outfit.