Feb 22, 2023|2 min read

In February, as the weather gradually warms up, it's time to consider transitioning your wardrobe from winter to spring. The key to a successful pre-spring look is layering and choosing pieces that are easy to mix and match.


The Square Neck Backless Floral Midi Dress

One of the must-haves for early spring is a lightweight sweater. Look for a sweater made of breathable fabric. Some fabrics like viscose and polyester are great for transitional weather because they keep you warm without making you feel too hot. Sweaters in pastel or light neutral colors are not only season-appropriate, but also give a fresh look. Additionally, this type of sweater can be worn alone or layered over a collared shirt for added warmth. You can also try it with a blazer for a more formal look, or a jacket for a more casual look.


The Crew Neck Colorblock Knit Top

Another early spring must-have is the transition jacket. A lightweight jacket is a good option as it can be layered over a sweater and provides extra warmth without being too heavy. These jackets are very versatile and can be worn with a variety of outfits. The classic jacket can be worn with a sweater and jeans for a more relaxed look, or with a crop top and track pants for a more refined look.


The Collared Button Up Plaid Tweed Jacket

For the bottom, choose a pair of classic jeans. Jeans are timeless pieces that can be worn with any outfit. Classic straight-leg or skinny jeans in light shades are perfect for early spring. You can also opt for a pair of straight-leg pants or a skirt if you want a change. Midi dresses or maxi dresses in lightweight fabrics such as line or cotton can be layered over sweaters for a relaxed look.


The Blue High Waisted Flare Jeans

As for accessories, a headband or hat can complete your look and keep you warm in the cold spring. Headbands in light or pastel shades allow us to showcase different hairstyles and make our outfits better match for spring. A hat, on the other hand, can add a belt to your outfit to cinch your waist and add definition to your look. A fanny pack or messenger bag can complete your look and make it more functional. 

The Solid Retro Versatile Beret

All in all, early spring outfits should be stackable, with breathable fabrics and mix-and-match. Consider a lightweight sweater, a transitional jacket, a classic bottom, and accessories that will go with most of your outfits. With the right pieces, your wardrobe can be stylish and comfortable as the weather starts to warm up.

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